Music cannot be programmed, automated, or described in mathematical formulas. It is shapeless and yet follows fixed structures. Christian Reich could not ignore these mysterious and irresistible attributes either and from then on combined his interpretation of good music under the name "Shapeless".

Born in Jena, he had already come into contact with the electronic music segment at the beginning of the nineties, but he preferred to be a little adventurous for a while first. Shapeless listened to all sorts of musical genres, starting with German and American hip hop, through rock and punk rock, all the way to choice samples of his father's record collection that bore names such as Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and U2.

Considering this wide range, it is not surprising that techno and house experiments on belt-driven record players were the order of the day at some point, fascinating the fledgling DJ. Some might think that this vocation merely entails getting two plastic discs to turn at the same speed and nodding your head to the rhythm. Shapeless, on the other hand, connects a lot more with it: an attitude to life, a special, unmistakable style, and a large network of interesting people.

Influences coming in from all sides, such as jazz, funk, soul, reggae, soca, and breakbeat, meant that in addition to the techno-electronic sphere he also felt at home in the drum & bass sector, formed his own style, and transcended narrow-minded genre thinking with a mischievous smile.

With him, anything goes as regards the choice of media too. This means that in addition to the classic vinyl, he also always carries the trusty laptop in his club kit. Brimming with ideas and full of energy like a windup toy, Shapeless, who has a degree in business informatics, has also fulfilled the role of booker, webmaster and resident DJ in the Lysa Club from 2006 up to 2009. Since 2009 he released on Legotek Records from Tel Aviv and Moma from Barcelona.

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